This unique clip by Frederique Constant can measure the accuracy of your watch

Those of you who are undisputed horological buffs like us will agree that the best of the timepieces are often the most complex ones. While a massive amount of detailing and science go into the making of each watch, there is little one can do to check its accurate functioning on their own. Or so you thought! In an endeavor to make a horology expert out of you and provide you with an aid to check the daily wellbeing of your beloved watch is Frederique Constant – a watch manufacturing and analytics brand, that recently introduced a unique watch accuracy measuring device.

The special device comes in the form of a clip that allows users to independently and efficiently tap onto the accuracy of their watches. To start measuring the heartbeat of the timepiece (which is predominantly a play of the watch’s balance wheel and oscillation movement), the user will only have to place the analytics clip on the watch and connect to the Swiss Connect analytics app (available for both IOS and android users). Within seconds, the unique clip will read out the accuracy of your watch, which should be at least ±0.2s/day. Further, the device’s oscilloscope shows the audio waveform in real-time, which can also be stored for later references. The device is further capable of capturing and monitoring long term performances of the watch up to 12 hours.
The Frederique Constant Analytics also connects to the Cloud, meaning the results are directly saved onto the user’s cloud account. This timely monitoring is saved on a dashboard, which then prompts users to service the timepiece as and when required. For all horological enthusiasts and watch collectors out there, this revolutionary device is up for grabs (at Frederique Constant Authorized Retailers and through the Frederique Constant website) and certainly one of keeps!