This 2012 tell the time with Blancpain’s Caruso ‘Chinese Dragon’ Limited Edition Wristwatch

The dragon is a cute and adorable creature on screen and now you can have it on yours, atleast the screen of your watch.Blancpain, founded in 1735 has launched a special timepiece for 2012, supposedly the year of the Dragon. The Blancpain Caruso “Chinese Dragon” Limited Edition wristwatch features an engraved Chinese dragon on the 18k rose gold rear case on its reverse. Probably that is also the side the owner would like to flash into people’s faces when someone asks the time.

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Falling under the umbrella of the Swatch Group Blancpain has produced an superbly unique device with the Caruso. And each limited edition Caruso is numbered from 1 to 50 carved on the rear case. It has a 43.5mm diameter case composed of rose gold, a Cal.225 automatic Caruso movement, 262 total parts and a 100-hour power reserve. That’s a lot of things packed into one timepiece for $219,682 each except it doesn’t really have a fire-spitting dragon as we would have liked it to.

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