Titan Black Chelsea FC Rolex Daytona marks the club’s victory at 2012 Champions’ League

Why wear medals when you could instead adorn your wrist with beautifully crafted timepieces that double up as a perfect tribute to your victory! Well, soccer club and 2012 Champions’ League winners, Chelsea FC seems to have thought on the same lines. Last year, the team commissioned London-based luxury watch customization company, Titan Black, to craft this bespoke Rolex Daytona watches. The timepieces are designed to commemorate the team’s championship win. Each of these watches will be presented to the team members, management and board of directors.

And now, the watchmaker has finally unveiled the first look of these bespoke watches. Sporting the team colors, the team’s logo and the UEFA Champion’s League logo, the watch personifies strength, quality and substance and perfectly represents the club’s pride and determination!

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