Titanic-DNA watches for a message of hope and rebirth

Oh my God! Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome SA has gone to deepest depths to create its latest luxury watches dubbed “Titanic-DNA”. One thing is for sure……these watches definitely have a story to tell! Steel and coal from the renowned ocean liner that sank in 1912 infuse the watches with a sense of renewal. Reuters reports that the company mixed a three-pound piece of the hull of the Titanic with some steel from a replica to create an alloy for the watches, with some coal from the ship’s debris field finding its way into the paint used on the watch dial. The company will make 2,012 watches to coincide with the centenary anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking in 2012.

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Available in steel, gold, and platinum versions these limited edition timepieces range between $7,800 and $173,100.