Ulysse Nardin Freak Limited Edition is available at The Hour Glass boutiques

Ulysse Nardin and The Hour Glass have unveiled the Freak Limited Edition, the unique anniversary timepiece to celebrate a 10-year milestone in the ‘Freak’s’ history. When first introduced at the turn of the millennium, the Freak surprised the world; it proved to be one of the forerunners for creative and avant-garde mechanical watchmaking. This edition is doubly special as it honors the bond between the Swiss marquee Ulysse Nardin and The Hour Glass, its exclusive retailer for over 20 years. To commemorate this meaningful bond, the Freak has been limited to only 20 pieces. The watch gets its name from the fact that it was completely different from anything else on the market when it was released at the turn of the millennium. It had no true case, the crystal and bezel were part of the movement, and it had no crown and no hands.

The Hour Glass limited edition Freak is an evolved version of its predecessor; it includes a patented Dual Ulysse Nardin Escapement in silicium. The limited edition is a 7-day Carrousel Tourbillion with 53 diamonds defining the hour and minute indexes.

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The Freak’s roots are based on the collaboration of then CEO Rolf Schnyder and Dr. Ludwig Oechslin. It represented the pinnacle of both the technological and artistic sides of watchmaking.


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