Ulysse Nardin’s X rated minute repeater makes its debut at SIHH 2018

Some Swiss watchmakers take ride in creating elaborate dials that feature scenes and images painstakingly painted or enameled on over hours and hours. While most of these images tend to pretty safe for work, one small section of watchmakers is taking their timepieces in a decidedly NSFW direction. At the Geneva watch fair, Ulysse Nardin debuted their Classic Voyeur watch which depicts two couples, one of which is in the throes of passion while the others peer from behind a curtain.

You might be surprised to know however that erotic scenes on timepieces are not a new phenomenon. A quick search reveals that passionate scenes have been depicted on watches for decades and decades. In modern times these watches are hot property among serious collectors.

The Ulysse Nardin Classic Voyeur is a minute repeater and features a 42 mm case in 18-carat pink gold or platinum. The scene on the dial is described on the company’s website as follows:

“The enticingly erotic Jaquemarts on the Classic Voyeur’s anthracite grey dial are of a different order all together: two beautifully proportioned couples fashioned from 18-carat pink gold or white gold and caught “in flagrante delicto.” In the foreground, one couple stand in their nightclothes, the woman behind the man, in a Louis XIV salon complete with meticulously engraved canapé and carpet.The man has pulled open a curtain dividing the room to reveal not just the time, but a naked couple, making passionate love. Each press of the button couples the background lovers, rhythmically moving back and forth the woman’s leg and her partner’s arm, torso and thigh; while, in the foreground, the woman’s hand reaches forward to touch her partner’s sex.”

Although the scene is salacious, there is artistry in its creation. The scene becomes a moving image with the press of a button thanks to the smart use of Jaquemarts. The watch is also available in a “princess edition” which features a platinum case and 60 baguette diamonds on the bezel, for a total of 3.5 cts.


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