Vacheron Constantin celebrates 260 years with the “world’s most complicated watch”

Some things are best left complicated, particularly when it comes to the realm of watch-making. Termed as the “world’s most complicated watch”, the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 is perhaps one of the greatest results of countless hours of watch-making expertise being put to play. The watch has been under development since eight years and is the brainchild of three master watchmakers. Developed in celebration of 260 years of Vacheron Constantin, the watch was designed, developed, manufactured and assembled in Vacheron Constantin’s Atelier Cabinotiers haute horlogerie workshop. This pocket watch boasts a record-breaking 57 complications and sports an armillary sphere tourbillon, a triple-axis tourbillon and world-time indication.

Apart from all of this, the watch also includes astronomic complications, with a Perpetual Gregorian Calendar, an ISO 8601 Financial “Business” Calendar, a Hebraic Perpetual Calendar and a bunch of Chiming complications as well. With an extensive list of features that makes the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 unlike any other timepiece we’ve ever seen, this watch measures in at 98mm in diameter and 50.55 mm thick. Commissioned by one of the top watch collectors in the world, the price of the watch hasn’t been mentioned yet. Hit the links below to know more about the extensive list of features this extremely special watch comes with.

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[ Via : Ablogtowatch]