Vacheron Constanin Métiers d’Art – Les Univers Infinis collection rolls out three timepieces

Vacheron Constantin seems to be extremely proud of the new addition to its Métiers d’Art collection. And looking at what they have on offer, they have every reason to be happy. The brand has added not one but three exceptional timepieces to the collection, inspired by Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher. The collection boasts of Chagall et l’Opera de Paris, Perspectives d’Art and Les Masques, and the additions will add an artistic touch to it that convey human talents of engraving, champlevé enameling, guilloché work and gem setting.

Vacheron Constanin Métiers d’Art - Les Univers Infinis collection_dove.jpg
The watches have been made keeping in mind a “paving technique known as “tessellation” – and in particular by the work of Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.” The “Métiers d’Art – Les Univers Infinis” will run on a Caliber 2460, a mechanical self-winding movement. The watches in the collection feature a Dove Watch that features a white gold case “highlighted by a slender bezel.” The engraved dove can be seen on the yellow gold dial base and a “champlever,” which is “the motif before the enameller fills the cavities.” The watch sports violet-hued enameling and stunning clear diamonds.
Vacheron Constanin Métiers d’Art - Les Univers Infinis collection_fish.jpg
Next is the Fish watch that sport blue and gray-hued shoal of intertwining fish. The artwork is a result of guilloché work and cloisonné enameling. Set on a white gold dial base, the fishes sport engraved eyes, and the motifs have been created “using a fine gold wire to separate the various enamel colors, a process known as cloisonné enameling.”
Vacheron Constanin Métiers d’Art - Les Univers Infinis collection_Shell.jpg
The final addition to the collection is the Shell watch crafted using engraving and champlevé enameling. The watch sports “Shells and starfish form a luminous ochre-tinged seabed swept over by slender light skeletonized hands.”
All the watches have been finished with Black Mississippiensis alligator leather straps and an 18-carat white gold buckle. Each will be limited to 20 units only.