Vacheron Constantin Commissioned by European Mogul for $6.5 Million

And you thought the entire world is feeling the credit crunch. Well, not the guy who has commissioned luxury Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin to create a one-of-a-kind $6.5 million time piece. Yes, guys its true when all of us are busy counting our pennies, a European mogul is setting a record of sorts by commissioning for a watch worth not just one million but a whopping $6.5 million! The horological feat incorporating several astronomical and astrological complications could take years to complete. The features of this time exquisite time piece include a perpetual calendar and leap year, star chart, celestial annual calendar, tour billon regulator, sunrise and sunset indication, perpetual time equation, phases and age of the moon, substantial power reserve, multiple time zones and day-night indication, among others.

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So I guess while the rest of us are enduring this tough time, one mogul emperor is having a jolly good ‘time’.