Vacheron Constantin unveils a new book on its history of watch-making

Watch enthusiasts always look deep down history’s lane of the brand they wear on their wrists. To further aid you with your enthusiasm for those luxury ticking devices that make sure you’re never late, Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Constantin unveiled this 204-page book, the Treasures of Vacheron Constantin: A Legacy of Watchmaking Since 1755, full of facts on the watchmaker’s legacy, along with 200 color illustrations of the same. We’ve had books on timepieces before, including the Audemars Piguet book and the Rolex GMT-Master, and this one by Vacheron Constantin adds to the ranks of informative pages on watch-making.

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The book sports a cloth hardcover and has archived details of historical watch-making tools and documents on watch-making.
Priced as low as $60, this book is the best way to know your Vacheron Constantin watches!

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