We5S gives the iPhone 5 a mechanical watch makeover

We’ve seen watchmaking take twists and turns that baffled us to no end. The timeless essence of adorning watches of exquisite makes is one thing that would never go out of fashion. Wrapping a limited edition around your wrist is an even better option. Here’s WATCHe, a company of Swiss origin, presenting its creative take on adorning a watch. But only this time it wouldn’t be your wrist that would flaunt the watch, but your iPhone 5! Yes, clamping itself firmly, on a swivel frame, one that accompanies the casing that would perfectly fit an iPhone 5, is the We5S, a luxury mechanical watch from WATCHe.

Although, the watch barely serves its ultimate purpose (telling the time), since one can easily check that on their much abled iPhone, the We5S can be easily categorized as an accessory to be flaunted in style – a new trend in mobile phone accessories. Nonetheless, we appreciate the creative minds behind the making of We5S for its bold coloring in red and black, its manual winding, 46-hour, and 17-jewel mechanical movement with super-luminova hands. However, we find the price (approx. $5,980) a little too much!

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[Available at Myshopify Via Gizmag]

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