Wearing an expensive watch has more perks than you can imagine – a journalist finds out

“You need to look like money to make money” – says Matt Matlzer, staff writer at Thrillist. The journalist has bitten the bait of the reactions towards the rich, and the accessories they wear. He did a little exercise and had nothing more vivid to say than – “I wore an expensive watch while traveling and people treated me way differently.” This makes so much sense now. The other day a friend of mine told me how she walked into a premium departmental store with a regular wallet and got icicles dropped on her fist from the cold treatment at the counter, while she was treated with utmost attention when she walked in confidently with her branded purse. She even got free samples – just like that! So Matt’s theory just proves how differently you can fraternize depending on the luxury products you choose. Matt hired luxury watches from a company that rents them out – Eleven James and experienced some very warm, hospitable, and rather flattering attention from the rich and the beautiful. He got invited to drinks with senior business executives, warm treatment at hotel desks and flight attendants (score!), and even approached by lovely ladies who couldn’t take their eyes off him (and his watch).

So a few thousand bucks might indeed be a good investment on them exorbitantly priced watches we love to write about. Although, this could easily be termed as a nasty flaw in the system of how materialistically the rich work, and think. But hey, who is judging.

[ Via : Thrillist ]