Would you buy your next Cartier watch from Walmart?

You may have heard the news that Cartier watches have hit the Walmart website (if you hadn’t heard, then sit down and digest that information for a second!), but it turns out that the Haute jeweler is not so happy about this fact. Cartier sunglasses, perfumes, and watches are currently available on the Walmart website, but while most of the items don’t seem that out of place the presence of a few $20,000 diamond watches might raise some eyebrows.

Cartier issued a response that clearly reflects how underwhelmed they are by this new development. “Wal-Mart is not a Cartier authorized retailer therefore Cartier has no knowledge or involvement in the selling or marketing of this watch nor can confirm the authenticity of the piece,” said a statement from the company.

In response, Walmart told Fortune, “If we get complaints about the authenticity or source of a product, we will work with the customer and the seller, and may remove the product from our site.” Luxury brands like Cartier thrive on exclusivity their products being available at not-quite-luxurious Walmart might damage their brand value.

It’s worth noting that Walmart doesn’t do the actual selling, it’s actually third party vendors who utilize Walmart’s e-commerce platform to sell their own goods and currently, a number of these third parties are providing Cartier watches on the site. In this light, Cartier’s worries about counterfeit merchandise may actually be valid, but given that more than a few watches are already sold out, we’ll hazard that people either find the watches to be authentic or don’t care if they’re not.


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