Zenith has launched its first-ever dedicated ladies’ collection of watches

In a surprise departure from its very popular, award-winning men’s watches, watch brand Zenith has launched its first-ever dedicated women’s collection called Defy Midnight. The signature design element of the new collection is its star motif. It appears on the counterweight of the seconds hand and along with several tiny stars that can be found on the upper part of the dial. “The Zenith logo is a star, and we also wanted to convey the idea of reaching for your star,” said brand CEO Julien Tornare at the launch event. The watches in the collection are powered by an in-house movement, the Elite 670 SK, which is also used in the men’s 41 mm Defy Classic Titanium and Ceramic models. The movement is incredibly thin at 3.88 mm, which makes it perfect for use in ladies’ watches.

To make the watches in the collection more functional for women, they are outfitted with a quick-change system for the straps. “Because women are multi-taskers, we also wanted to improve functionality, so we made the straps interchangeable,” said Tornare. “You can use the steel bracelet when you go to the gym. Then at night, when you wear a red dress for a cocktail party, you can use the red strap. You can change it very quickly.” Each timepiece comes with an additional three straps so that allows the look of the watch to be changed in a blink of an eye. The stainless steel case measures 36 x 10.35 mm and redesigned to accommodate a woman’s slimmer wrist. The prices start at CHF 8,900 (about $9500) for the model without a diamond-set bezel and CHF 10,900 (about $11,600) for the model with 44 diamonds on the bezel.

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