This Star-Trek Obsessed Chinese Billionaire spent $97 Million to build his Office in the shape of The USS Enterprise.

The chairman of NetDragon Websoft, purchased the rights from CBS to build a home and an office, based on the American science fiction franchise.

This $97 million building, inspired by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. is the biggest and most expensive homage to Star Trek, located in Fuzhou. 

The grandeur of the structure can be witnessed from a drone view or from the comfort of your home on Google Earth.

The Enterprise comes with amenities like a football field and four tennis courts situated on a circular plot of land surrounded by water.

The sci-fi-obsessed Chinese tycoon - added massive 30-foot metal slides to help employees travel from the third floor to the ground floor in a flash.

The office offers different  activities - a train, a VR experience center, horse riding, swimming pool, a sports field and an artificial lake.

Daily life often inspires the content of the big screen, and it is seldom the other way around. Perhaps, that is why CBS first dismissed the idea as a joke.

Dr. Liu Dejian is an online game developer - The 50-year-old University of Kansas alumni and founder of NetDragon Websoft.

NetDragon Websoft creates multiplayer online games and mobile applications. it sold its app store to Baidu for $1.85 billion.

Dr Liu Dejian recently created quite a buzz by appointing an artificial intelligence-supported virtual human being as the general manager - Ms. Tang Yu