No expensive gifts or credit cards – The strict and humble parenting style of billionaire Mark Cuban

‘I Don’t Want Them to Be Entitled Jerks’ is what billionaire Mark Cuban said about raising his kids.

Cuban and wife Tiffany Stewart aim to instill values in their kids, like understanding the importance of money and bringing them up as a working-class family

Let’s take a look at the lovely relationship between Cuban and his first born Alexis

The 19-year-old teenager has lived, grown, and studied in Dallas. She is the oldest among three kids who grew up in the upscale Preston Hollow neighborhood.

Alexis recently graduated from the prestigious Hockaday School, an independent, secular, college preparatory day school for girls located in Dallas, Texas.

Mark Cuban posted a heartwarming video on her recent graduation with throwback images “Can’t believe you are graduating.”

Alexis and her siblings have had a traditional upbringing with a nanny present only during the working week and no private chefs or butlers.

Mark highlighted how a 16-year-old Alexis took up an internship during summer instead of lounging in the Hamptons:

She doesn’t flaunt her family fortune on social media. There are no glimpses of the lavish mansions, holiday homes, or the $40-million jet her father owns.

She grew up in a massive French chateau-style home that sits on 7 acres and has a swimming pool, spa, a basketball court, and a full-sized tennis court.

Billionaire Cuban knows how to have fun with Alexis without splurging big bucks. He loves making TikTok videos with his kids, Alexis in particular.