Meet 30-year-old tech whiz Dylan Field who went from a university dropout to a billionaire

The 30-year-old has sold his design software company Figma to rival Adobe for US$20 billion

His late father, Andy, worked as a respiratory therapist, while his mother, Beth, is a resource specialist teacher.

His father recalled that Field was so bored in middle school that he hung out with a janitor “who was kind of a maths savant”.

Field was into acting in his childhood, he appeared in television ads for eToys and Windows XP

While some view programming as a technical field, Field thinks of it as “the closest thing we have to magic”.

Figma is the latest deca-unicorn born out of the Thiel Fellowship, a US$100,000 grant for students who drop out of college to focus on a business or project.

In 2021, Forbes reported Field sold his CryptoPunk NFT – an avatar of a pipe-smoking, hat and sunglasses-wearing teal alien – for US$7.5 million.