10 idiots who destroyed their gorgeous ferraris


The incident took place in northern Italy where a black colored Ferrari 812 GTS ended up in Lake Garda because the owner seemingly left the supercar in neutral on an inclined surface without putting it on the handbrake. The convertible Ferrari thankfully didn’t sink down to the bottom of the lake and was only partially submerged.

According to the pictures, only the front end looks to be dipped in the shallow part of the lake. However, it was not in the condition to be driven out and a tow truck had to be called for rescue. There’s no information on the extent of the damage, but the 789-horsepower V12 engine is located at the front of this supercar.

In the video, a red-colored Ferrari convertible can be seen trying to pull donuts in the middle of a busy intersection; but the most bizarre thing is a police car can be seen in the video with the cops as mute spectators. According to a report by Hindustan Times, the Ferrari owner was later arrested by the police after the video became viral and even the Ferrari was impounded.


Uploaded on YouTube and Instagram by someone who goes by the username mrexumas, the 18-second clip shot in the Netherlands shows a red Ferrari488 Pista with its driver trying to show off like a true novice. The driver appears to slow down all of a sudden while banging down the gears with the intention to pull off a tire-screeching sprint; however, the track-focused supercar instantly loses control.


What we have learned from few reports on the incident is that the Ferrari 488 Pista that was crashed was only a day old when it met with the accident. The Ferrari crashed into a curb before hitting the bushes on the side of the road. There’s no word on the extent of the damage sustained by the 488 Pista, but the pictures of the supercar after the accident show damage to the front end, along with a cracked windshield.

The latest piece of automobile beauty to bite the dust is a Ferrari 458, which was reduced to a pile of dump after crashing into a road divider of a busy street. The incident happened in Whenling, China where a women crashed the Italian supercar moments after leaving the garage where she rented it from.


The CCTV footage shows the car losing control on a wet, slipper road and swerving into the road divider, and then hitting a white colored BMW X3 SUV before coming to a stop. Looking at the footage, you can see the traction control is switched off, which is the dumbest thing to do while driving a Ferrari on wet roads. The entire front end of the Ferrari was destroyed in the crash and two more unsuspecting cars became victims of this incident.

Not a lot of verifiable information is available on the crash, but what we know so far is that this incident happened during the annual Supercar Show in Philadelphia organized by CF Charities last week that saw hundreds of exotic performance cars take part in the event. The black Ferrari 488 dangerously swerving side to side in an attempt to pass other cars abruptly brakes hard to avoid colliding with a slow car in the front and loses traction and ends up crashing into two other Ferraris.


A 21-year old owner of a limited edition Ferrari worth $700,000 learnt it the hard way. London’s posh Mayfair, which is well known location for spotting super-expensive cars, saw a little more than usual action on last Sunday in the afternoon when the police confiscated a limited edition Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta and towed it away.


Metropolitan Police Service Westminster said on Twitter it was for “stopping in an inconvenient place.” But things got worse for the Ferrari owner when the cops found the car’s insurance policy didn’t have the driver’s name on it. Not only was the driver handed over a £300 (roughly $415 USD) fine and six points on the license but also the Azzurro California-colored Ferrari was loaded on a towing trucking and hauled away.

A total of 499 Ferrari 458 Speciale Apertas were ever made and only 49 of them being a right-hand drive which makes the seized Ferrari a very rare car. The least you can do when you own an exotic automobile is to have all the necessary papers, including insurance, in order. Or you might get the shock of your life when the cops snatch your precious car away and leave you on the side of the road humiliated.

A YouTube video recently went viral on the internet in which dashcam footage shows a Ferrari lose control on the public highway and crashing into barriers on both sides of the road. The Ferrari in question is an F12 Berlinetta that derives its power beastly 6.3-liter V12 engine with 730 horsepower, which is entirely sent to the rear wheels; so it’s not difficult to guess what will happen if someone foolishly decides to stomp on the gas pedal, that too on wet roads.


In the video, you can hear the engine roar before losing grip and crashing on a wide, four-lane highway. The incident happened somewhere in China, although much of other details related to the crash is mostly unknown, including if the traction control on the Ferrari was switched off or not.

Ferrari’s runs an exclusive XX driver programme for its most dedicated customers who pay jaw-dropping amount money to drive track-only models on exclusive track events organized by the marque. Just to give it context, there are only 40 people across the world who paid $2 million who are a part of the Ferrari FXX K programme.


However, Korean person found a rather interesting shortcut to be a part of it by converting a Ferrari F430 Spider into an FXX K knock-off. Instagram handle by the name of “Autogespot” posted two low-definition pictures of the interesting yet sad attempt to create a Ferrari FXX K race machine. To give the front the mean fascia of FXX K, the know-off wears a similar decal that almost covers the entire headlights to give it that squinty looks.

The incident happened in the crowded Central Business District of Sydney. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the speeding Ferrari 599 lost control and crashed into the shopfront of the Van Cleef & Arpels, a luxury jewelry store. The newspaper reports the Ferrari narrowly missed a family and skidded into the window near the Market Street David Jones department store.


Police arrested the 41-year old driver of the supercar and were allegedly found under the influence of alcohol. He was charged with mid-range drink-driving, driving with a suspended license, and dangerous driving. A female passenger of the Ferrari was unhurt in the crash, while a female pedestrian, aged in her 60s, sustained minor injuries.

A millionaire from the UK named Zahid Khan had his white colored Ferrari 458 Spider seized by police last year, and now a set of videos of the Italian beauty being crushed at a junkyard has emerged online. The whole thing started when Khan famously parked the Ferrari on the pavement outside Birmingham Crown Court during a trial he was taking part in, which sparked outrage from within.


Khan then got into a legal battle with the authority to get his car by claiming he was the rightful owner and sourced all the parts used in the car from official sources. To prove his legal ownership of the car, Khan went to the court with the necessary documents, but it was too late by then. He learned that the police had already crushed the Ferrari while he was fighting to get it back.