Arrogant influencers who literally ruined their supercars for the sake of likes


The incident took place in Dallas. Identified as chassis 76029, the Huayra Roadster’s entire frontend and most of its carbon-fiber bodywork look completely destroyed along with one of the wheels that was ripped off and can be seen in the videos lying several meters away from the hypercar.

The Pagani is owned by Tim Gillean, a billionaire who founded a private equity firm in Dallas, and his son Gage Gillean is said to the one driving the $3.4 million hypercar when it crashed. 

Gillean also posted several videos of him behind the wheel of the Huayra in which he can be seen being a little throttle happy. Gillean and his influencer friend who goes by the name Zackxak and was there in the hypercar when it crashed both walked away without any serious injury.

The Texan owns quite an impressive car collection which includes exotics like Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari LaFerrari, Rolls-Royce Dawn, McLaren Senna, and Lamborghini Urus.

We have lost yet another Italian exotic supercar to a crash caused by a rich prick; but this time, the incident had a tragic consequence with the death of an innocent person. An Instagraminfluencer was arrested in Germany after crashing his Lamborghini Aventador S into a Skoda last week.


According to a report in German publication Bild, the green-colored Lamborghini Aventador was driving dangerously on the highway racing another Aventador and a Porsche 911 GT3 when it lost control and crashed into a Skoda and an Opel.

The Lamborghini and the Skoda immediately caught fire upon impact. While Navid Alpha was able to escape, the Skoda driver tragically died on the spot. The Instagrammer was taken to a nearby hospital for first aid after the crash and later taken into custody by the police.

A Russian Youtuber smashed a brand new $212,000 Porsche Taycan through the dealership windows. This publicity stunt was done by the same YouTuber named Mikhail Litvin, who gave the GT 63 S a fiery death.


The video begins with three actors portraying Lenin, Stalin, and Putin, who tell the YouTuber to live his life to the fullest, regardless of what others might say. He then steps into the Porsche dealership to check out different models.

He then finds the Taycan Turbo S parked right in front of the glass windows and steps inside the electric sports sedan. That’s when the carnage happens, and the brand new Taycan smashes through the windows. 

Thankfully, the car wasn’t wrecked for filming this stunt and appears to be easily fixable. The video has already received more than 4 million views in the last two days. But we aren’t surprised.

This Russian influencer burned his $270,000 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S supercar to a crisp as he was frustrated with constant breakdowns and poor customer service


Out of frustration, the vlogger decided to take a drastic step to make a point and send across a message to Mercedes-Benz. Mikhail Litvin took the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S to a wet, grassy field, poured fuel on the sports coupe, and burned it down.

Interestingly, the vlogger made quite a dramatic and cinematic video of the whole thing with even drone shots of the burning car. In just two days, the video uploaded on YouTube has received close to 9 million views and almost a million likes.