The glamorous billionaire heiress of the Kering empire.


Which is the parent company of luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent.

Daughter Of The Fashion Mogul François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering.

The 21 yr old, has become a regular name to crop up in the fashion scene and she recently set the internet abuzz when she donned a full black-on-black ensemble for Balenciaga’s haute couture 2022 runway show.

She has been riding since the age of six and started competing at 10, per W Magazine. Tained by French equestrian Virginie Couperie-Eiffel.

She loves fashion but dreams to be an equestrian.

The young heiress also shared to Paris Match how horseback riding helps her anxiety: “Riding has a therapeutic dimension for me. I am in a bubble. I ignore everything.”

She adores her stepmum Salma Hayek and her stepsister Valentina

Her father married Hayek in 2009. She opened up to Paris Match about their relationship: “She helps me in my everyday life. She teaches me to keep a sense of priorities. She added that, “She [Hayek] has a flame that soothes me.”

The stepmum - stepdaughter duo can often be seen hanging out at fashion shows – but also at work. Mathilde also shared that she had accompanied Hayek on movie sets.


According to multiple reports, she is close with fashion brand Zara’s heiress Marta Ortega Pérez and Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi. They also share passions for horseback riding and, of course, fashion.

Mathilde is also a down-to-earth girl who likes to keep things real. She told Paris Match about her fabulous life and how she grounds herself. 

“I can run into Anna Wintour at a fashion show and two hours later be at the cafe with my friends. I don’t want to get used to these kinds of events. I go from one world to another,” she said.