Amina Muaddi is a Jordanian-Romanian fashion designer and shoemaker

She learned the nuances of the shoe business along with the technicalities of the trade at Riviera del Brenta, a metropolitan city of Venice. 

Oscar Tiye’s most significant success was the Minnie Mouse Stiletto with mouse-ear details on the back of the heel - range - $450-$700.

The Amina Muaddi brand was an unforeseen gush of glamour-

Amina Muaddi sold party shoes like hot cakes even during the pandemic-

During the Covid-19,  Muaddi was busy selling $800 party shoes. 

What made the Amina Muaddi footwear brand a successful anomaly?

Her unusual visual aesthetic combined with her marketing contributed to her success.

Celebrities and crystals galore:

Bigwigs of the music world like Beyoncé, and Dua Lipa made Amina Muaddi their go-to footwear brand.

Rihanna wearing her custom Amina Muaddi black patent boots.

Dua Lipa with Amina  Muaddi, wearing Amina Muaddi footwear

Even the Kardashians have approved the  brand

Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have been spotted sporting the glistening, crystal-clad heels on more occasions than one.

Today, the Amina Muaddi brand is stocked at 70 retailers globally and has clocked $22.2 million in sale over the past 12 months.

Among the stand-out stores worldwide are revered names like Selfridges, Harrods, and Antonioli in Milan. 

She has recently expanded into stylish mini-bags, cutely dubbed ‘aminis’ and statement earrings.