Mind-blowing facts about the Bugatti Chiron

The single monocoque chassis takes four weeks to make and is made entirely from carbon fiber.  If the carbon fiber used in the monocoque were to be laid out end to end, they would stretch nine times the distance between the earth and the moon.

The  quad-turbocharged, 8.0-liter W16 engine produces a staggering 1500 bhp without the use of hybrid technology.  It has 32 fuel injectors and an entirely new engine bed had to be produced just for the Chiron.

To handle the earth-shattering 1180 lb-ft of torque, Bugatti has developed an entirely new dual-clutch transmission which is the largest ever fitted to a passenger car.

The sophisticated Titanium exhaust system on the Bugatti Chiron uses a brilliant trick to expel exhaust gases while producing more downforce.

For those willing to go the extra mile when it comes to customization, Bugatti will incluide a one carat diamond on the speedometer.

When running at its top speed of 267 mph. The Chiron's 100 liter fuel tank will empty out in 9 minutes flat.