The ridiculously expensive things Jeff Bezos bought in 2021


Longer than a football field, an indeck pool, an ambient cinema and more – Jeff Bezos is building a humongous luxury yacht. The $500 million vessel will have a support yacht with its own helipad.

A Superyacht


The yacht is estimated to be around $500 million, and will be built by Oceanco – a Netherlands-based yacht manufacturer. This superyacht is magnificent and grand; it will have its own support boat with a helipad.

The super yacht will cost $500 Million 


The design is expected to be based on Oceanco’s 108 meter Black Pearl, which is currently the largest and ‘technologically advanced yachts in existence. What’s more, they will feature three giant masts to help power the mammoth, with several decks.

Technological Masterpiece


One report described the yacht as tall as ‘the Great Pyramid at Giza’ and will feature an in-deck swimming pool, an ‘ambient’ cinema, part of the several decks.

Luxurious Interiors


Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez have dropped $78 million for a gorgeous beachfront home spread across 14 acres in Maui, Hawaii.



The duo has reportedly bought a tropical estate in the La Perouse Bay on the island of Maui for a whopping $78 million. It is isolated and remote and spans across a 14-acre complex.

Whopping $78 million price tag

The sprawling main house is said to be about 4,500 square feet and includes an outdoor kitchen with ocean views. It is accompanied by a 1,700-square-foot guesthouse, several other smaller buildings of unknown purpose, and a perfectly circular, 700-square-foot swimming pool.

Humongous property

All the structures are single-story and feature thick grasses and dozens of mature palm trees all around. The oceanfront estate is situated on the sparsely populated southwestern side of Maui, far away from Kahului, the biggest city on Maui, and the island’s major tourist traps.

Gorgeous interiors

The house is further nine miles south of Kihei, the nearest major city, and is flanked by state parkland and rocky lava fields.

A True Hawaiian retreat

Jeff Bezos has announced plans to build a private space station – Along with hosting rich tourists it will also serve as a mixed-use business park.


Blue Origin, the space company founded by Jeff Bezos, has announced an ambitious project to build a massive new commercial space station. Called Orbital Reef, the company says the future space station will be operational sometime in the second half of this decade.

Orbital Reef

Blue Origin and Sierra Space announced their plan to co-finance the space station. However, the exact details on how much the space station would cost were not released. Blue Origin has said that the Orbital Reef will have an “open system architecture” to allow a variety of customers to use the space station.

Commercial space station


Not space but conquering aging is the final frontier for Jeff Bezos – The world’s richest man is funding an age-reversal startup that will give billionaires at least 50 extra years on earth.


Bezos and Yuri Milner are reportedly keen on funding a startup biotechnology firm to discover a way to reverse aging. Altos Labs was roped in to study the potential of cell reprogramming technology to turn back the clock in animals, and potentially, humans.

Partnered with Yuri Milner


They have roped in stalwarts like Dr. Shinya Yamanaka as an unpaid advisor on Altos’ scientific advisory board. They also have onboard Spanish biologist Dr. Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte and Dr. Steve Horvath.

Team of legendary scientist


Jeff Bezos will obviously be first on the list and happy to extend his life by 50 odd years to make more money and live for a century as the wealthiest human ever.

Bezos will be 1st on the list