Pets who literally ruined their owners ultra-expensive supercars

The reggaeton recording artist, Don Omar, shared a picture on Instagram showing his Porsche 911’s rear fender chewed off by his dog. The translated version of the caption reads: “And you wake up in the morning to discover that Firulais entertains himself by biting your $250,000.00 Porsche in this house.”


In the latest Instagram post, social media celeb Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish shows his friendly pet bear rip off a door from his Lamborghini. Humaid Abdulla Albuqaish is quite well known for posting social media content showing his different pet animals, including tigers, lions, cheetahs, and whatnot. The Lamborghini in the video is an orange-colored Huracan Performante and Humaid can be seen offering an apple to his pet bear from inside the cabin.


Royston Grimstead, 42, a divorced builder from Chedzoy, southern England left his home one morning, only to return to find the front end of his prized DB9 Volante chewed to bits by his border collie spaniel cross named ‘Luce’. It was a good enough reason for the British car fan to give his adorable dog the boot. The builder from Somerset claims he already wanted to give away the 3-year-old because she didn’t get along with his other dog, and strangely says that it might be a reason why Luce got all destructive.