These are the most insane motorhses that  you will ever see

Complete with a jacuzzi, a master bedroom, granite countertops, and more – This $1.2 million amphibious Motorhome can you take you in utmost luxury on land and over water.


The amphibious vehicle is the brainchild of John Giljam and his wife Julie – founders of the company Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI).

The Terra Wind Amphibious Motorhome is the perfect recreational vehicle for a great vacation which blends the idea of a luxury RV and a yacht/boathouse

The Terra Wind is a massive Class-A RV that measures 42.5 feet long, 102 inches wide, and has a GVWR of 33,000 pounds.

The RV is powered by a Caterpillar 3126E turbocharged 330-hp diesel engine. It uses an automatic transmission for driving on the road and a marine gearbox for operating it on water.

The Terra Wind claims to have a top speed of about 80 mph on land and eight knots on water. It gets marble tile floors, teak cabinets, leather upholstery, and granite countertops.

 The RV also has a Jacuzzi on board. The Terra Wind starts at $850,000 and a well-appointed version can cost around $1.2 million.

With a hidden Bugatti Chiron, this ultra-luxurious $7.7 million motorhome comes complete with a $355k sound system, full kitchen, lavish bedroom, and a rain shower with a starry roof.


Volkner, the German land-yacht maker, debuted its latest model, the $7.7 million Volkner Performance S 2021 motorhome, and it put even the best mobile homes with all the mod cons of 21st-century living to shame.

The 18-ton, 39-foot-long vehicle is undoubtedly a luxury penthouse suite on wheels that can accommodate your supercars such as a Bugatti Chiron or just about any other in its special compartment with ease.

The lavish living room looks like it comes straight from a five-star hotel. The opulently done lounge area also doubles up as a dining room upfront. You will find a glossy “BrilliantDark” interior finish combined with glass doors and an optional $354,000 sound system.

Seen in the living area are a full kitchen, a full dry bathroom, and the bedroom in the back. The splendid Performance S also houses a shower room with a rain shower and starry roof.

The luxe motorhome comes with multi-zone heating, an impressive industrial-grade kitchen, a computer workspace to help with a work-life balance while on the road, and vast amounts of storage space in the bedroom and dining cabinetry.

Every element of the motorhome oozes elegance. Classy storage units are coupled with bathroom fittings of refined taste, as seen in the image.

A yacht on wheels – This ultra-luxurious German motorhome comes with an onboard garage for your Ferrari, a master suite bedroom, a full-fledged kitchen, and much more. There’s no word on the pricing as of yet, but we expect it to be close to $2 million.


The uber-luxe interior of the Dembell motorhome is the work of the same Italian design team that’s responsible for creating the beautiful interior designs of Azimut yachts

The master suite can be easily extended beyond “full-beam” width with the help of a slide-out expansion module and features a 79 x 79-in bed along with a 55-inch TV.

The company offers a big list of decor choices, including director-style folding dining chairs, wall sconces, a ceramic toilet and vessel sink, ambient lighting, stone bathroom trim, and leather sofa upholstery.

Inspired by race-day motorhomes, the exterior styling of the Dembell motorhome appears sporty thanks to its monotone look and a red racing stripe that runs the entire length, underlining the tinted window line.

The Rolls Royce of motorhomes – Take a look inside the $1 million Newmar 2021 King Air. With a starting price tag of over $1,000,000 (and you do not need an MC Number for it), let’s see what makes the King Aire motorhome Newmar’s most expensive offering:


King Aire brings an unparalleled driving experience with standard safety features like a Mobileye® lane departure warning system, OnGuard™ collision mitigation technology, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high-beam headlights.

The fancy motorhome offers three-floor plans. Each plan offers you the same space and rearranges the layout of amenities and storage spaces.

Interiors are consistently opulent in all motorhome areas and even more in the bedroom that’s fitted with modular furnishings, king-size bed for maximized comfort.

The stylish kitchen comes equipped with Tuscan Maple cabinets with super polished quartz countertops and efficient European-style cabinets. There is ample storage offered in the kitchen to bring all your favorite ingredients and appliances on your road trips.

A motorhome that makes a dedicated area to stow your dresses, accessories, and essentials is truly one-of-a-kind and a great purchase for those long, unending road trips.

Why have breakfast in bed when you can have breakfast with a view? Newmar King Aire offers the perfect setting for two with a pull-out table and comfortable chairs.

The rear of the luxury motorhome is furnished with bathroom and laundry facilities, a washer/dryer, a huge shower, and a full-size toilet.

Every King Aire is built on a Spartan K3 chassis—with a new passive steer tag axle for a shorter turn radius.

A well-equipped kitchen, lavish bedroom, and a living area with a home theater system – The 2022 Newmar Ventana luxury motorhome is perfect for a winter road trip with the entire family.


If you’re in the market looking for a luxury motorhome, you might want to have a look at the 2022 Ventana. Pricing for the 2022 Ventana diesel motor coach starts at around $340,000. There’s also a 40-minute video that will walk you through all the features in detail.

Newmar has been hand-building its luxury line of motor coaches for over half a century and is well-known in the industry.

The 2022 Ventana diesel motor coach perfectly represents Newmar’s rich experience and is a great option for those looking for luxurious features and amenities without breaking the bank.

Newmar has several different options for its full-paint Masterpiece Finish, which in combination with unique graphics treatment on offer will help you personalize the motor home according to your own taste.

The company has eleven unique floor plans on offer for the 2022 Ventana, with sizes ranging from 34 to 43 feet in length. This gives the buyer to select the exact layout according to their needs.

Additionally, Newmar also offers a choice between a Freightliner or a Spartan chassis.

The cabin is also fully customizable with a choice between three color palettes and four cabinetry stains.

Some of the standard amenities include a retractable Samsung 4K TV with a Bose soundbar, JBL sound system and subwoofer in the cockpit, and remote-controlled awnings.

The kitchen is one of the highlights of the 2022 Ventana RV with the company calling it “fabulously well-appointed.” It comes equipped with a brushed aluminum refrigerator, convection stainless steel microwave, and three burner gas cooktop as standard features.

However, the buyers can customize it by selecting from several refrigerator options and adding things like a flush-mount induction cooktop, and a dishwasher.

What’s new on the 2022 Ventana is Comfort Drive, an intelligent steering system that makes maneuvering the RV easy and comfortable. It also gets Passive Steer technology, which is basically rear-wheel steering for a better driving experience.

A luxurious cabin, rooftop lounge, outdoor shower, & more – This $776,000 Mercedes cargo truck-based motorhome will also tow your supercar.


Stone Offroad Design

The motorhome is built on the Mercedes-Benz Atego cargo-hauling truck, which is transformed into a luxurious RV with all the equipment and features you might need on a comfortable road trip.

Stone Offroad Design

Starting with the exterior, the bodywork of the RISE 4×2-950 model features SOD’s signature styling, which includes off-road-oriented add-ons and a striking camouflage wrap with orange accents. The RV is also fitted with a rugged roof rack which is mounted with multiple LED lights for expeditions into the wild.

Stone Offroad Design

In the official pictures of the RISE 4×2 provided by SOD, the walls and the floor of the cabin can be seen covered in porcelain stoneware with a marble look. The white material is contrasted with the black finish of the woodwork.

Stone Offroad Design

The upholstery is done in Nappa leather and Alcantara, while the fixtures are in copper with a brushed metal finish, which looks fantastic.

Stone Offroad Design

Other equipments include LED Smart TVs in both the bedroom and lounge, an LTE WiFi receiver, a solar charging system, and a built-in 2,600-watt gas generator. The rooftop lounge also gets heating for those chilly nights.

Stone Offroad Design

In case you want to take your sports car on the road trip, the Rise 4×2 has a towing capacity of 6613 lbs; you can easily hitch a small trailer at the back. the pricing starts at €688,000 (about USD $775,000) and the company will deliver the motorhome in 3 to 4 months after the order is placed.

Stone Offroad Design