Everyone can build a palace on the ground, but for the really rich populace a flying palace is at your service right here, right now, and it’s truly impressive.

The government of Qatar has divested a luxurious Qatari VVIP 747-8i BBJ, with 1,100 total flight hours and under 300 cycles on each of its four GE Aviation GEnx-2B67/P engines.

This massive and super luxurious aircraft is now available in the open market for anyone who has a love for opulent interiors and loads of cash.

Let's take a look inside this man-made wonder: 

Plush interiors, muted furniture and ample space. A crew of 18 and can carry 89 passengers.

Comfortable leather chairs make long-haul flights feel like minutes. You would even need a reminder or two that you’re flying in an aircraft and not lounging in a five-star hotel.

Conferences and meetings have a dedicated space. They can be held in the private offices and lounges provided in the spacious luxury aircraft.

The aircraft comes with lavish guestrooms, comfortable amenities like bed, dresser, cabinets etc. ensuring you don't miss sleeping in the lap of luxury in air too.

The art deco-inspired airplane has many fully stocked galleys with entertainment systems installed to keep travelers occupied.

Who would expect aircraft bathrooms bigger than ordinary bedrooms? In the Qatari VVIP 747-8i BBJ aircraft, the bathrooms are plush and well-designed

The grand aircraft comes with its own impressive flight of stairs in neutral tones and bright lights that makes for one of the most impressive highlight of this beautiful bird.

The master bedroom is equipped with a big comfortable bed, a sofa, several cabinets, plush flooring, ample light from the windows and beautiful ceiling overhead.