The worst Bitcoin losses ever and the unlucky few who lost millions

In May 2010, a 19-year-old student named Jeremy Sturdivant noticed a strange request on an internet forum dedicated to cryptocurrencies. A Florida resident by the name of Laszlo Hanyecz was willing to pay 10,000 Bitcoins in exchange for the delivery of two large pizzas. Sound crazy, right. Back then, what was reportedly valued at $41 is now worth $365 million.

Sturdivant filled the order, sending him two large pizzas from Papa John’s. It might sound like the most incredibly profitable transaction in history, but sadly Sturdivant didn’t hold on to the Bitcoins for long. He ended up spending it all on travel. Despite losing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make more than a quarter-billion dollars, the now-30-year-old said he is “proud to have played a part” in the “global phenomenon.”

19-year-old cryptocurrency trader Wesley Pessano Santarem was reportedly on his way to the hairdressers when ambushed and attacked. The influencer was accompanied by a friend in the passenger seat and was injured in the shooting.

The duo was taken to hospital in Cabo Frio, and Wesley’s body was taken for a post-mortem examination. Apparently, the ruthless gunmen unleashed a hail of bullets on the teenager, at least four shots on the upper body and one to the head. The killing party zoomed in a silver Volkswagen and unfolded the attack.

The brutality unfolded in front of bystanders in the Brazilian city of Sao Pedro da Aldeia. Some local media are also reporting this to be a case of mistaken identity; however, the police have not revealed the identity of any suspects or the motivation for the killing.

Stefan Thomas is stuck in a password dilemma that stands between himself and $220 million worth of Bitcoin that he is now unable to retrieve thanks to failed password attempts. Thomas was given around 7,000 of the coins by an early investor, making a video explaining the currency.

Each of those coins is currently trading for over $30,000. Thomas has witnessed the rise of cryptocurrency and wanted to access his digital wallet. Sadly, he ended up with nothing but after eight incorrect guesses, and a gut-wrenching realization that he had forgotten his password and after 2 more incorrect guesses will lose all that wealth…forever!

According to the New York Times, 18.5 million Bitcoin, which could currently be worth about $140 billion, is currently being held in lost or stranded wallets.