Johnny depp was once worth $650M. Where did all that Money go?

He earned big in Hollywood

He made a total of $300 million for appearing in five of the Pirates movies. He was paid $68 million for Alice in Wonderland alone.

Hollywood's most overpaid actor

The Rum dairies project failed miserably. Forbes estimated a US$2.80 box office return for every US$1 paid to him.

His advisor mismanaged his wealth 

Johnny Depp has sued his former business managers for a $28 million contingent fee. He claims they did not also file taxes on time.

Millions in lawsuits

Johnny Depp has given Amber Heard $7 million in their divorce settlement. His business managers also sued him which he settled for a huge amount.

$2 million a month on his lifestyle

His money manager claimed the actor blew his $650 million fortune by leading a ridiculously luxurious life. He bought 3 islands in Bahamas for $5 million.

Outlandish expenses

Johnny Depp spent $100,000 a month on an addiction doctor and US$200,000 every month on private jet travel.  His security costed him $10,000 a day.

Lavish gifts for exes

Despite separating he gave his ex Vanessa Paradis a US$4.5 million home.  Though he did not marry her, he offered to support her after the break up.