Is this jet-setting 22-year-old Ukrainian model Leonardo di Caprio’s newest girlfriend?

In true Wolf of Wall Street style, the actor and his arm candy embody the lifestyles of the rich and famous, complete with an ultra-luxurious boat.

Maria hails from a moneyed background. She was once married to Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid,  a businessman known for his property and fashion empire in Monaco.

She grew up in Switzerland, attended a private boarding school, and is currently studying in London to take over her family’s pharmaceutical enterprise.

Maria has nearly 70k followers on Instagram, who regularly get a dekko at her jet-setting lifestyle–from London to Dubai, Maldives, and Courcheval.

The business student and stunning model keeps her followers up to date on all of her affluence, particularly her travel videos.

She also shares several snaps of herself posing inside and in front of private jets

From donning expensive designer brands to dazzling baubles, the PYT serves look after look on the social media platform.

The rich brunette recently showed off her gala time in St Tropez, including a lavish $1,220 room at the Villa Belrose.

From sashaying in ultra-luxe brands in exotic places, posing against private planes, and looking like a million bucks, Maria Beregova is an absolute stunner.