Here is why Justin Bieber is  banned by Ferrari  from buying and  driving its cars .

The Italian marque was fed up with Bieber

The Canadian singer's bad behavior with its cars which was in violation of Ferrari’s ownership rules, lead to the popstar singer getting banned.


Beiber once lost his Ferrari

In 2015, he forgot where he parked his neon-blue Ferrari after a night of partying hard in Beverly Hills. The pop star wasn’t reunited with his heavily decked-out Ferrari for several weeks.


Beiber auctioned his Ferrari 458

Bieber broke a Ferrari ownership rule by auctioning off his 458, without the automaker’s consent, Ferrari takes its public image and brand value very seriously and makes its owners sign up contracts before selling cars,

Ferrari punished other celebs too:

Canadian music artist Joel Thomas Zimmerman, known professionally as Deadmau5, famously got embroiled in an ugly tussle with Ferrari in 2014 after getting his Ferrari 458 covered in a Nyan cat-inspired wrap and naming it Purrari.