Celebration Mickey, a 24 karat gold statue is for sale

Folks who have a fetish for gold will preserve this gold toy (showpiece) for sure! Time and again we have kept you informed about the ingenious form that gold acquires. Supposed to be the largest gold sculpture cast in U.S. history, this exceptional Celebration Mickey is up for sale. Weighing 100 pounds, the piece was designed by Disney artist Marc Delle and sculpted in 2001 by the Great Western Mint in Orem, Utah as a commemorative item celebrating Walt Disney’s 100th birthday. The statue is 24-inches high, 15-inches wide and 9-inches deep, weighs over 100 lbs., and is valued at $4 million.

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The statue bears the Disney Corporate trademark on the side of Mickey’s right foot and comes with a guarantee from Disneyland Resort that it will remain a unique piece. Mickey is dressed in his trademark button shorts, gloves and oversized shoes and his nose on sculpture is worth over $65,000. So all you Disney fans rush to grab (at least a look) of this 24-carat gold statue of Disney’s most recognizable character, Mickey Mouse.

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