The world’s most expensive edible cupcake unveiled in Dubai

Good food is a sign of prosperity, happy times and great taste. While items such as hot dogs, pizzas, ice creams, sundaes, pies and desserts have been around for a while, it’s time for the foodies of Dubai to flaunt their rich culinary skills. Bloomsbury opened its new boutique café at The Dubai Mall with an opulent band. The event also witnessed the unveiling of “The Most Expensive ‘Edible’ Cupcake”, called as the Golden Phoenix. Prepared with the most expensive ingredients, the brand spent well over $28,000 just to unveil the cup cake in a gala event.

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Available exclusively at the Bloomsbury’s located in The Dubai Mall, the yummy cake is priced at $1,010 and will be presented on a 24-carat gold Empire Morning Cake Stand with Cloch by Villari. Reports suggest that the cup cake contains Doves organic flour and Rachels organic butter from UK, Premium Amedei Porcelena cocoa from Italy, vanilla beans from Gold Ugandan, organic strawberries and 23-carat edible gold sheet.

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