About Us

Based in Mumbai, Luxurylaunches is India’s foremost website featuring premium and luxury lifestyle. Luxurylaunches was started in 2006 with a simple goal to be an online resource where lifestyle enthusiasts can stay informed on the latest in the world of luxury and opulence. Over the years we have won many awards, accolades and above all a loyal readership from across the globe who frequent our website for unbiased and detailed coverage of the finest products and services in the world.

Luxurylaunches is the essential guide to the finer things in life.

Our team of in-house writers and contributors work closely with an expansive network of contributors from around the world to cover content in the following luxury channels.
Luxury & performance cars, Timepieces & horology, Luxury hotels, Destinations & experiences, Fashion & Beauty, Gastronomy, technology, Art, Aviation and more.

Dhiram Shah –Founder and Editor in Chief
Dhiram Shah is the founder of Luxurylaunches. A gadget freak, he has been blogging about technology and lifestyle since 2005 and has a penchant for the finer things in life. An avid traveler, he strongly believes that space is the final frontier and hopes to see a luxury space craft fitted with all the possible amenities in his lifetime.
Sayan – Writer (Technology and Automobiles)
A true petrolhead, Sayan has won several international awards for car designing and wants to become a racecar driver in the future. He loves demystifying latest technology and getting his hands full with all the newly launched gadgets. He literally eats sleeps and breathes high-end automobiles and hypercars and wishes to own a Ferrari F40 someday.
Vivien – Features writer
A contributor at Luxurylaunches since 2013, Vivien’s guilty pleasures include high fashion, celebrity lifestyles and extravagant travel. She writes about the most coveted items in couture, interesting and exciting collaborations and all things weird, wonderful and totally luxurious. On her exorbitant bucket list is a sun soaked vacation to St. Tropez, a custom pair of Nike Air Max sneakers and a classic Baignoire watch from Cartier.
Shilpa Chandran- Contributor
Shilpa Chandran is a writer by day, and by night. By day she scans the city skyline for infrastructure projects, construction wonders, innovative technologies, and the latest in the design-build sector in the Middle East. By dusk, she resigns with a glass of bubbly to enjoy and relish the finer things in life such as great food, fine art, and life in the community as she sees it. She enjoys adventure and has been exploring the realms of the digital universe but remains rooted in honouring the legacy of print.
Ekta – Features writer
A lawyer with a zeal for writing, Ekta has a deep love for linguistics, travel, and philosophy. Not an adrenalin junkie but likes going on occasional hikes to beat the weekday blues. Her bucket list includes escapades to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Morocco.
Geoffrey Ravoire – Senior Travel & Lifestyle Writer
Geoffrey is a Hospitality specialist, Luxury enthusiast, and Marketing expert. His favorite things include unique hotels, superyachts, real estate, and fine watches and jewelry. French born, Geoffrey has accumulated an extensive experience abroad, thanks to regular visits to foreign countries but also thanks to years of expatriation. Currently based in Chicago, Geoffrey has already lived and worked in New York, Monaco, Shanghai, and Singapore.
Priya Pathiyan – Contributing Editor
Passionate about the luxe lifestyle and especially about all things culinary and travel-related, Priya has been documenting developments in this space since 1997. Her work takes her to many beautiful and exotic places, introduces her to a host of exciting cuisines and lays the foundation for enriching friendships with a diverse set of interesting and influential people. Priya believes the highest form of luxury is true happiness.
Aayushi – Features writer
A passionate traveler, Aayushi holds a bachelor degree with a specialization in finance.When she is not working, you will find her either listening to music or watching movies. She has a weakness for chocolates, beautiful beaches and scenic landscapes. A hidden affection towards writing and luxury has got her to Luxurylaunches.
Koh Chuin Ying – Contributor
Chuin studied literature, journalism and creative writing, and has worked in publishing for seven years and counting. Her favourite literary work is Desiderata and she dreams of writing for Vanity Fair someday. Chuin has been a contributing writer for Luxurylaunches since 2015, where travel assignments have enabled her to satisfy both her wanderlust and her love for collecting tiny bath soaps.
Shayne Rana – Contributor (Technology)
Shayne is a dreamer who loves adventure and travel. An avid foodie, sampling local delicacies on his journeys is a ‘must do’. Luxury, to Shayne, is a combination of class, elegance and sublime functionality that adheres to a person’s sense of good taste. His love and appreciation for tech, travel, the written word and the finer things in life make him a passionate writer.
Myra Fong – Contributor
First starting her career as an engineer, Myra Fong later discovered that her true passion was for food, travel and sharing these experiences through writing. Originally from Canada, she has lived and worked in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Singapore and now makes her home in beautiful Hangzhou, China. Myra enjoys exploring the whole spectrum of food and travel, from discovering the best local street food in rowdy markets to being pampered in exquisite luxury hotels, which her co-operation with Luxurylauches provides ample opportunities for.
Rochelle Rebello – Contributor
Rochelle is an avid traveler with wanderlust running through her veins. Her goal is to visit the best beaches in the world as Sun, Surf and Sand are what she lusts after. When she’s not chasing beaches you will find her listening to music, watching movies or indulging in some extravagant shopping and more often than not it’s always the latter. Her love for writing and a penchant for luxurious products is what drove her towards Luxury Launches.
Aashna Sanghani – Contributor
Aashna Sangani is a part time law student part time writer, she has been with luxury launches since October 2012. A geek at heart, she enjoys reading, music and movies in her spare time. A passion for writing and luxury drove her towards Luxurylaunches.
Siyah Rehal Randhawa – Contributing Editor
Siyah is a former Editorial Strategist who has written for publications in and around North America. Specialized and qualified in Journalism (New Media), her credits as a specialist writer includes lifestyle, arts and culture, books and entertainment features. She holds a business degree with specialization in finance.When she is not working, you will find her either writing poetry, swimming or sketching. A curator of everything beautiful, she likes to be inspired by all life’s little joys.
Shalu Pillai – Contributing Editor
Previously travel-editor and long-time resident of extravagant Dubai, Shalu is likes a dash of luxury in everything she does. While luxury travel is a weakness, she believes there is something very attractive about understated luxury. And when she’s not dreaming of pristine beaches, private jets and molecular dining, a shiny pair of Blahniks is what she lusts for.
Misbaah Mansuri- Contributor
A spa junkie who’s passion for travel was ignited at the age of 10, Misbaah is a Travel, Spa and Business Writer who contributes daily to some leading publications. She loves delving into the world of travel, wellness, luxury and has ticked off the most renowned wellness and spa destinations off her bucket list. She loves her job which gives ravishing direction to her deliciously directionless life and hopes to infuse the literary world with a new dynamic.