13th century Cimabue painting recovered from french kitchen sells for $27 million creating world record

History repeats itself; it always has a way of coming back but coming back and fetching $27 million for a comeback is quite something. Renowned Florentine painter, Cimabue also known as the father of paintings has also made a comeback of sorts with his 13th century work “Christ Mocked”. An elderly French woman from the town of Compiegne had kept the rare artwork she thought to be a Greek religious icon in her kitchen. Which is why on retrieval the painting was full of grime, though otherwise in excellent condition. The unsuspecting owner did not know where the 10-inch by 8-inch painting had come from, according to Jerome Montcouquil of art specialists Cabinet Turquin, which was asked to carry out tests on the painting following its discovery in the summer. There were certain typical giveaways that made it easy for art connoisseurs to identify Cimabue’s work. The style of painting, grain work, its gold background and traces of its old frame helped experts identify the artwork according to a press release published by auctioneers Acteon ahead of the sale.

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There are only 11 of his paintings in the world making this rare and worth the many millions its selling for.


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