50-year old Yamazaki bottle sells for $430,000, making it the most expensive Japanese Whiskey to date

Whiskey connoisseurs can spend millions on scoring a perfect bottle of the spirit. However, boggling our minds to another level is the recent news of a Yamazaki decanter that sold for a whopping $430,000. Yes, that’s right! The Japanese whiskey has been a revered choice for years and its recent sale makes it the most expensive whiskey in the nation to date.

The bottle in question is a 50-year-old first edition that was manufactured in 2005. Only 50 numbers of the spirit are available in the lot, with two of them already being sold for record-breaking figures. In total, the Yamazaki has been produced in three editions, with the second and third being bottled in the year 2007 and 2011 respectively. However, what makes the whiskey so special is its delicate making process. The exquisite Yamazaki is first matured in casks made from mizunara (Japanese Oak) before being bottled and released. This gives it a distinctive flavor that makes it so favored across the world.

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Last year, in August, another bottle of 50-year-old Yamazaki first edition was also sold for US$343,000 in Hong Kong, making it the second of its kind to currently hold the record for the most expensive Japanese whiskey. Inscribed with the words – ‘Suntory Single Malt Whisky “Yamazaki” and presented in a beautiful wooden case, we see no reason why the Yamazaki wins the whole way along!

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