A one cylinder engine and a top speed of 10 mph – Mercedes is selling a functioning replica of the first model it made

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen is often regarded as the world’s first ‘production’ automobile. Built in 1885 by Carl Benz, the three-wheeled self-propelled vehicle was unveiled to the public the following year after it received its patent, setting the foundation of the German carmaker. So there’s no doubt about its importance in the history of automobiles; and, Mercedes-Benz is now giving chance to own this piece of history. All Time Stars, the classic car arm of Mercedes-Benz, is selling a Benz Patent Motorwagen on their website; although, it’s not one of the 25 units that were built more than a century back. The car offered for sale is a replica.

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Mercedes-Benz had created a series of Patent-Motorwagen replicas in 2001-2002 to commemorate the car that started it all. This specific example on sale was built in 2002, and recently acquired by Classic Center for inspection and restoration. Not only is the car fully-functioning but has interesting additions, including a boot. The replica, like the original, is powered by a single cylinder engine and is capable of a top speed of 10 mph. Rest of the details, including the price, is available upon request.

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