A lunch date with Warren Buffet runs in millions

Warren Buffett needs no introduction. With $55.9 billion under his belt, he is the 4th richest person. And like every year, he hopes that this year too, some generous person bids millions for a lunch date with him. This big sum will not hit Buffett’s personal bank account, but it will benefit the Glide Foundation, which provides social services to the poor and homeless in San Francisco. Starting with a minimum bid of $25,000 on eBay, the auction will close on Friday. Though a Canadian investment firm shelled out $1.68 million last year, the 2008 bid broke all records. For $2.11 million, in 2008, a Chinese investment manager bagged the honor of acquiring the most expensive charity item on eBay ever. However, modest Warren Buffet maintains that it’s not only his popularity but the works of Glide that have moved bidders to pay an exorbitant amount for lunch in the past. Hoping that 2010 bidding breaks all records!

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