An Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs in 1980 was sold for nearly $800,000

Apple’s history and Steve Jobs’s journey are fascinating subjects. So anything that comes even remotely close to documenting this journey of life becomes a sought-after object. Boston-based RR Auction had one such memorabilia in its kitty- an Apple II manual signed by its late co-founder Steve Jobs. This Apple II Reference Manual (6 x 8.5, 196 pages) was signed and inscribed opposite the Table of Contents in blue ink by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and second CEO Mark Markkula; it fetched a whopping $787,484. The inscription reads, “Julian, Your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world! steven jobs, 1980.”

The recipient was of the manual was Julian Brewer, the son of an entrepreneur Michael Brewer, who negotiated exclusive distribution rights for Apple in the UK in 1979. Brewer said, “I was sitting in my bedroom writing games on my Apple II when Dad called me down to meet some guests. He continued. “To my amazement, it was Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula. I had the manual with me and only later understood how rare it was for Jobs to sign anything, let alone write an inscription like this. He got on well with Dad, so I feel the inscription was made with care.” The manual was retained in near mint condition with just a few minor stains on the front cover. Along with Beckett Authentication Services, the PSA/DNA authenticated the signatures too.

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Apple was launched on April 1st, 1976, and the Apple II was the company’s first successful product. RR Auction said, “Whereas the Apple I was primarily for hobbyists, with less than 200 units made, the Apple II truly ‘changed the world’ by giving around six million homes and businesses their first taste of personal computing. Apple II’s revenues supported Apple’s successful floatation, the biggest tech IPO of the time.” The winning bid of the manual was placed by Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts.

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The ecstatic owner of the manual mentioned, “When we think of the greatest, most innovative minds of the past two centuries, Steve Jobs must certainly be included among them. Jobs was a truly transformative figure who changed how human beings think, do business and interact daily.” This is truly a prized possession even with a $787,484 price tag as Steve Jobs was known for not signing autographs, making this a one-of-a-kind asset.

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