Canair Hovercraft for sale on eBay for $125,000

Dreamed of owning your very own Hovercraft? Well, here is your chance to turn that dream into a reality (for a hefty price, of course). This unique means of transport that can move smoothly over land, water, and ice is now available on eBay! Yes, it’s true, guys. For $125,000, you can purchase your very own Canair Hovercraft model 512. The amazing Hovercraft is powered by twin Honda engines and features an electric fly-by-wire control system. The Canair Hovercraft seats 12 and is said to be in excellent condition by the seller. Custom triple axle dry launch trailer and some spare parts included with the Hovercraft. The seller is also ready to provide training. A unique means of transport, you will surely make quite a few heads turn once you take this baby out for a drive.

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So if you have always dreamed of owning a hovercraft and have $125,000 to spare, you had better hurry and contact the seller. For buying and other info regarding the Hovercraft click here.

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