Christie’s set to auction rare Ammonite estimated at $68,000

My theory of auction houses making profits in a time of recession is turning out to be true for sure. Here is another fact to prove my point. This month Christie’s is set to make yet another record sale by auctioning Ammonite- a fossilized gemstone. This fossilized gemstone is of a mollusk that went into extinction over 80 million years ago. The fossil achieved its beautiful rainbow color from centuries of pressure on the shell of the sea creature. This fossil was found in Alberta, Canada. The fossil is estimated to fetch a whopping $68,000! This price of such ammonites has gone up, especially because of its rarity.

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So get set for another record sale as Christie’s readies to auction this stone on 7th April. So hurry and go over to the Natural History sale in Paris and get it right away.

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