Flawless and yours for $25 million – Christie’s is auctioning the largest purple pink diamond to ever come under the hammer

Every year the world gears up for a massive dose of magnificence with the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Auction, and every year our minds are blown. Not only are all offerings excellent, but it leaves one wondering if there ever will be another object to top this beauty? The 7.03-carat fancy blue diamond ring mounted by Moussaieff at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels auction was one such marvelous piece that made the heart skip a beat not only because of its $14.2 million estimates but the sheer brilliance. Christie’s is back to top this one with The Sakura Diamond, a 15.81 carat, fancy, vivid, purple-pink internally flawless type lla diamond ring. Its unprecedented size of 15.81 carats makes the Sakura diamond the first and largest of its kind, the largest of its kind to be offered at an auction. Interestingly, fewer than 10% of pink diamonds weigh more than 1/5 of a carat. Another aspect setting the Sakura Diamond apart is its ‘fancy vivid’ color that displays an intense saturation and remarkable pink hue with a secondary tone of purple, echoing the enthralling color of cherry blossoms. The Sakura Diamond has been graded Internally Flawless, embodying its exceptional rarity and extraordinary optical transparency.

Vickie Sek, Chairman, Department of Jewellery, Christie’s Asia Pacific, commented, “Christie’s has offered some of the largest and the rarest pink diamonds in history across our global salerooms, highlighted by The Winston Pink Legacy sold in Geneva in 2018 that still holds the auction record per carat for any pink diamond. This season we are very honored to continue this fine tradition by presenting (The Sakura Diamond) in Hong Kong. This exceptionally rare and magnificent wonder of nature represents a unique expression of identity and mesmerizing beauty through its enthralling purple-pink hue, that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of discerning connoisseurs and collectors worldwide.”

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