From sports memorabilia to giant-sized furniture to the world’s hungriest sword swallower, the Guinness World Records Museum is auctioning off everything bizarre

Let’s be honest we have all browsed through a gallery of outlandish objects the world has to offer, and some even went a step ahead and purchased these bizarre rarities for cheap thrills. If you are judging yourself for giving into buying some questionable items, then let it be known the crown for bizarre items remains with The Guinness World Records Museum in Niagara Falls, which is auctioning off its wares after closing for good last September. The online sale, hosted by Indianapolis’s Ripley Auctions, is live now through mid-February will have it all from a collection of offbeat sports paraphernalia, tourist town kitsch, and quirky achievements made famous by the best-selling copyrighted book of all time. You can bring home a giant wooden chair that sits 7-feet tall ($1500) for some fun photo op to the caricature of the world’s fastest car and driver ($1000) though that would look completely insane in anyone’s house. There are some exciting options like NFL football signed by Dan Marino ($500), antique-looking tv museum displays LCD screen ($425), which would be an eerie yet interesting edition in your space. The list also includes some very intriguing options like a funhouse mirror or a machine that measures your weight on Mars. The weirdest of them all is the life-sized electric chair that actually shocks a death row inmate model after being fed a pair of tokens and is currently priced at a reasonable $1,900.

The Ripley’s auction will be a live-streamed event on February 12.on February 12. Most objects are estimated to be worth a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. With bids already starting to pile up, we suggest you check out the catalog of crazy to bring home stuff that you and your friends will be talking about for a long time to come.

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[Available at: Ripley Auctions]

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