Gotta have it! Our 7 picks from Christie’s upcoming luxury handbag auction

We talk a lot about auctions here at LL, but every once in a while a really exciting line-up of products gets us to sit up and really take notice. This time it’s an upcoming handbag auction by Christie’s which will feature the costly and exclusive Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Birkin from Hermès among some 220 designs from brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton to a veritable rainbow of Hermès Birkins. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bags in the lot below:

Chanel Data Center Robot bag
USD 8,034 – USD 10,712
This 2017 robot bag is a cutesy departure from Chanel’s usual quilted chain-strap purses. Admittedly it’s neither very practical nor particularly versatile, but it’s an offbeat item from a brand that’s known for designs that play it safe. We recommend it to devotees and collectors of Chanel.

Hermès Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30 with 18k White Gold & Diamond Hardware
USD 133,900 – USD 200,850
This is the Holy Grail for Birkin lovers– a bag so coveted and rare that only three have ever surfaced at auctions. This bag in particular is known for setting and resetting auction records for the most expensive bag twice within just the past year! Whether it sets another record this year remains to be seen, but this bag definitely guarantees some active bids.

Hermès Cocoan Porosus Crocodile Sapphire Birkin 35 with 18k White Gold & Yellow Sapphire Hardware
USD 80,340 – USD 107,120
This patent crocodile Birkin is gets some added shine thanks to a liberal application of diamonds on the hardware. If you’re a lover of bright colors, you’ll surely find Birkins in more eye-catching hues in this auction lot; but this dark and glossy classic in an exotic skin will appeal to the bag aficionado that makes a statement with powerful accessories.

Hermès Ardennes Leather NASA Retourné Kelly 35 with gold hardware by Tom Sachs
USD 26,780 – USD 40,170
This white Kelly may show more wear and tear than others in the lot, but it actually has some artistic value to it. You can’t miss the NASA logo added by artist Tom Sachs whose signature is also on the back of the bag. The artist painted the Ardennes lather bag white, an act that may be considered sacrilegious by Hermès fans, before adding the logo of NASA in 2009.

Chanel Perfume Bottle Clutch with Gold Hardware
USD 2,678 – USD 4,017
This perfume bottle shaped purse first appeared on the runway back in 2014 and started a craze for similarly shaped purses and clutches. This was basically the ugly sneaker trend on 2014, it was everywhere! This version features those wrapped chain straps that Chanel purses are known for.

Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Watch & Jewelry Trunk
USD 40,170 – USD 53,560
This custom trunk includes a removable Damier jewelry case, twenty-four removable watch holders, fifteen drawers for watches, jewelry, cufflinks and sliding mirror. Trunks are what Louis Vuitton does best, and this bespoke piece is a beautiful way to travel with your jewelry and watch collection, or even store your jewels at home.

Hermès Vert Foncé Porosus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 35 with 18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Hardware
USD 80,340 – USD 107,120
This bottle green patent croc leather bag is undeniably gorgeous. From the color, to the glossy finish and the dazzling hardware, there’s nothing mediocre about this Birkin. We hope that whoever decides to purchase these beauty actually uses it instead of saving it as an investment – this bag deserves to be shown off!

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