How about an iYearbook? Steve Jobs’ yearbook shows up for sale on eBay for $12,999

Yearbooks are always special; packing memories of a time nearly every one of us would kill to flash back to. However, there’s one very special yearbook that’s recently gone on sale on eBay that’s sure to leave Apple fans jaw-dropped. You guessed that right! This is Steve Jobs’ yearbook we’re talking about! The yearbook currently belongs to a fellow student at Homestead High School who has put the yearbook up for sale for a starting bid of $4,999 with a ‘Buy It Now’ price tag of $12,999. Speaking with Cult of Mac about the sale, the seller has stated, “My brother was friends with Jobs and I knew his sister Patty who was in my grade.”

The seller has also gone on to state that Jobs would ‘goof around’ in his electronics class, something you wouldn’t expect from a man who would change the technology world for good in his older years. “Jobs didn’t seem serious about the class and would clown around a lot,” says seller bcwright77. If this is a little too expensive for your taste, an ultra-rare 12ft x 4ft “Think Different” campaign poster portraying Muhammad Ali is also up for grabs, with a ‘Buy It Now’ price tag of $10,000.

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[Via – Cult-of-Mac]

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