LV USB Design for loaded geeks

Here’s an ultimate opulent gadget for the well-heeled geeks. Although it’s still in its conceptual stage, the LV USB Design is already creating ripples in the USB world. Designed by Fred de Garilhe, these ultra-luxurious USB gadgets will be created of white or yellow gold. The usage of ostrich leather or black alligator leather adds an extra oomph to it. Some of them will have a digital watch or an analog watch on this curved looking case. The highlight is the lock and key that appears to actually lock the cap on and is a symbol of the fact that you secure your data on the device. You can also hold your breath for the Louis Vuitton logo on them as well. The USB connector under the cap allows connection to your PC. There are 4 different versions. Rollover to know more about them…..

– White gold and LV logos with a digital clock, yellow diamond on white gold key.
– White gold, ostrich leather, yellow gold chain and key, blue sapphire diamond.
– White gold satin polished finish, white gold chain and key, pink sapphire diamond.
– White gold, black alligator leather, black PVD treatment on white gold (chemical pulverize on it), the mechanical clock that you can arm behind the US Bijou, and a green sapphire diamond.
All US bijoux have 40Gb memories.

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