Neil Armstrong’s signature is the world’s most valuable autograph

These days, celebrities have achieved an almost God-like status. Many auctions of celebrity memorabilia have proved time and again the strong fan base that many stars have. Autographs are one of the most favorite pieces of memorabilia that fans love to hold on to. And believe it or not, they will not shy away from splurging insane amounts of money to get hold of a piece of paper bearing their idols signature. Not just that, these autographs turn out to be long term investments whose value grows over the years. So today we present you a list of the world’s ten most valuable autographs.

Number one spot is taken by no movie star but Apollo 11 legend, Neil Armstrong whose autograph is valued at $7,500! The astronaut who shuns the limelight stopped signing autographs long back and lives the life of a recluse. Over the last ten years the price value of this legendary man’s signature has gone up 1000%.
Number two is controversial golfer, Tiger Woods whose autograph value is estimated at $2,265. Known to rarely sign any public autographs, he is the reigning golfing champion.
Beatles star, Paul McCartney takes the third spot with an autograph value priced at $2,400. The most successful singer-song writer in UK history, his famous song Yesterday is the most covered song in history!
While speaking of royalty, how can the Royal’s be left out? Taking the fourth spot is reining Queen of England, Elizabeth II whose autograph value is $2,250.
At number five is Harry Potter author, JK Rowling with an autograph value of $1,875. Another recluse, her signature is one of the most sought after in the world today.
The last five folks whose autographs are considered most valuable are as follows:
6. Boxing legend, Muhammad Ali. Autograph value: $1,425
7. Famous musician Bob Dylan. Autograph value: $1,275
8. Original ‘Material Girl’ Madonna. Autograph value: $1,200
9. Legendary footballer Pele. Autograph value: $1,125
10. Lead singer of Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. Autograph value: $750
So, if you are lucky enough to own an autograph by any of these personalities, you know you have struck gold.

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