Nintendo World Championships 1990 GOLD Edition worth $5,100

Own a piece of gaming history!!! The Nintendo World Championships 1990 GOLD Edition just got sold on eBay for a gigantic sum of $5100! It is for the original NES System. It’s one of the rarest Nintendo games ever created, with only 26 of them in existence. One had to actually win to receive one of these exclusive cartridges. These are difficult to get to and are a great item for anyone who is an NES lover! This game cartridge is hailed by most collectors to be one of the rarest and sought after cartridges from Nintendo. Golf carts are plain with an NWC decal for a label and comprise of the dipswitch box cutout in the upper left.

The correct setting – number 3 down, all the others up – gives the seven-minute game used for most of the championships. NWC 90 is the game cartridge used for the contests put on during the Nintendo World Championships USA tour in 1990.

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