Rare Bugatti Brescia found at a lake bottom to go under the hammer

Urban legends are spooky but when they are found to be true, they can earn big bucks! A live example is a rare 1925 open-top Type 22 Bugatti Brescia was found after 73 years of drowning at the bottom of a Swiss lake. But the beauty was a victim of a freak accident; rather it was pushed into a lake by a freaky Swiss-Polish architect, named Max Schmuklerski who didn’t want to pay taxes!

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This lightweight 1.5 liter, four-cylinder tourer is said to reach a speed of up to 100mph in its hay days, but now only twenty percent of the body is reusable. But it retains some traces of its original paint in blue and is touted to be sold as a replica of the long lost model. The auction is said to fetch at least $ 137,000.

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