Rare Chinese Stamp auctioned for record-breaking price of $331,000

Though I haven’t been bitten my stamp-collecting bug ever, in today’s day and age, I believe that stamps hold an immense value. Who cares to post a letter by sticking a stamp on it when everything can be communicated, worldwide, with a click of button in this digital world? And stamps belonging to bygone era hold more worth. No wonder a Chinese stamp belonging to Qing Dynasty went under the hammer for a stunning price of 226,000 Euros ($331,000) in Hong Kong. It is an extremely rare 1897 small one-dollar overprint on a three-cent Chinese Red Revenue stamp. Bought by a Beijing resident, this stamp is touted to be auctioned off for highest price ever paid for a single Chinese stamp. The record-breaking stamp belongs to one famous type of temporary stamp with red printings on them. Such bill stamps with postage were transitionally used by custom then.

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