Someone actually paid $5,000 for Hitler’s wife Eva Braun’s knickers

So you could’ve bought fancy Victoria’s Secret underwear for about $50 or woken up the history lover in you and bought Adolf Hitler’s wife Eva Braun instead. Well actually someone already has, so sorry you won’t be able to get your hands or legs on Hitler’s wife’s knickers or nightshirt. The monogrammed pink silk knickers, which came from a private European World War II collection, sold for £3,700 ($4,620). The anonymous phone bidder also bought Braun’s cotton nightgown for £2,600. The items had been expected to go under the hammer for £800 each but got bidder hot under the collar at auction. I can’t help but imagine Hitler rolling in his grave over the idea of someone selling his former mistress-turned-wife’s undergarments. But fact of the matter is that the garments were preserved by a collector of World War Two memorabilia who has had them for over 50 years.

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They went under the hammer at Humbert & Ellis Auctioneers of Towcester, Northamptonshire. Did you know Eva Braun met Hitler in 1929 when she was 17 and he was 40 and became his lover? They were officially married in the dictator’s bunker and the following day both committed suicide, she by cyanide and he by a gunshot to the head. That’s a sad story; the garments surely have it better.

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